Need a Vacation from your Vacation?

    Do you ever get home from vacation exhausted from travel, flights, logistics, or over socializing?

    Try a yoga retreat! Get the rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation you actually need. Your co-workers will thank you!

    We understand that life is busy and stressful, planning your vacation doesn’t need to be. Leave it to us! Just show up and the rest is taken care of. Our locations are chosen for beauty, comfort, and dedication to preserving the natural environment. All food is local, organic, and down right delicious!

    Yoga for all levels is offered twice a day. Get creative with daily yantra instruction (an art form that uses sacred geometry and color to evoke a meditative state). But all activities are optional!

    Want to hike, go horseback riding, spa it up, or just drink beer on the beach? No problem no judgment! Namaste.