1 Day Yantra Workshop: the Sacred Geometry of the Moon

1 Day Yantra Workshop: the Sacred Geometry of the Moon


When: Sunday, May 15th
Where: The home of Joy Holland 227 Beverly Ct Arcata, CA
Cost: Sliding scale $40-60*

* Materials and yummy vegan lunch by Rachel Patton included!

We will work with the sacred geometry of the Moon! I don’t know about you, but this last Full Moon in Scorpio was a doozy for me… The Moon Yantra is the mother of all planets and embodies unconditional love. This design is very soothing and nurturing. This yantra helps with deep healing and surrender. This Moon can take you for a ride or you can step into the driver’s seat!

Yantra creation is an art form that uses sacred geometry to evoke a meditative state. Yantra design is for anyone. From practitioners looking to deepen their yoga and meditation practices to artists seeking to incorporate authentic spirituality into their work. No artistic experience required.

After a brief history and description of yantras, Phoebe will guide a hands on class to create your own yantra!

Creating and meditating upon this Yantra helps to foster self-love and acceptance.

Please contact Phoebe for questions and directions! ♥ ♥ ♥ (617) 827-5834 or phoebe.s.andrews@gmail.com