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Yoga & Yantra Retreat, Nicaragua 2016

    Yoga teacher Mary Kate Murray and I are excited to celebrate our 4th retreat at Los Cordones Surf Lodge in Nicaragua! On this retreat I will teach yantra design, a form of sacred geometry. Save your spot by signing up today: January 3-10th, 2016 @ Los Cardones Eco Surf Lodge $1,800 all inclusive except

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    Sit Down!

      We start practicing yoga for many different reasons… we want to feel better, look better, or maybe just to see what everybody is raving about! As yoga asana (the postures of yoga) have become a mainstream phenomenon with pop-up yoga studios on every corner, more people have adapted the practice, and the practice has taken

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      What is Your Dharma?

        Well, first of all, what is Dharma? Defined as ‘the path of righteousness’ sounds a little uptight to me. Finding your dharma is indeed a righteous path, but there is no One Way. Each individual’s dharma is unique. Dharma is about finding your path that sustains you, brings you joy, and is harmonious. In this

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        Poop Matters.

          By popular demand! Most of you know me as yoga teacher and artist, but my secret side job is poop advisor. So I’m coming out the closet, er bathroom, to share this information that I’ve learned through trial and error over 10+ years. I’ve had many health issues including arthritis and a heart condition, but

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          Do You Like To Party?

            Singing, dancing, imbibing substances around a fire… Sounds like a party right? Didn’t the word party used to be a noun? In the past 10 or 15 years is has become associated with excess drinking, taking drugs and the verbs ‘to party’ and ‘partying’ are common place. Why do we party? Mostly to have fun,

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            Is Your Yoga Authentic?

              Does it matter? Does your practice make you feel more connected to yourself, the people you love (and don’t love), and the world around you? Does your yoga help you make better decisions for yourself and for the benefit of others? Then the answer is YES! There is a lot of valid debate going on

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              Shri Yantra (Click to See Video!)

                The Shri Yantra is one of the most powerful and dynamic yantras. It appears to be symmetrical, but its center is made up of 9 intersecting triangles. 4 upward pointing triangles represent Shiva (the male principle) and 5 downward pointing triangles represent Shakti (the female principle). The imbalance in this yantra makes it more powerful.

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                Are You a Sinner?

                  Christianity emphasizes that we are born sinners. That God made a mistake in creation. Perhaps I’m more attracted to eastern philosophies because they adopt a perspective that God knows exactly what He/She is doing and we can trust that we are experiencing exactly what we are supposed to be experiencing in the right place, at

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                  Need a Vacation from your Vacation?

                    Do you ever get home from vacation exhausted from travel, flights, logistics, or over socializing? Try a yoga retreat! Get the rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation you actually need. Your co-workers will thank you! We understand that life is busy and stressful, planning your vacation doesn’t need to be. Leave it to us! Just show up

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                    The Great Sage Marichy and His 8 Postures

                      Perhaps these complicated variations aren’t often taught in yoga classes because they are difficult and not as glamorous or pretty as inversions and arm balances. Like other deep twists these postures have a detoxifying effect. But Maricy B and D, where the heel of the foot in louts presses into the abdomen, particularly benefit the

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                      About Phoebe Andrews

                      For the past 15 years, Phoebe Andrews has been practicing yoga and for the past 5 years she has been sharing her teachings in both yoga and Yantra Design throughout the world. Phoebe is amongst a selected group of practitioners who received training in this tradition from the lineage of Hari Johari in Haridwar, India.