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Arm Balances

    Arm Balances build strength while improving balance and mental focus. Don’t be afraid to fall! Try a few times and then come back to it next practice. Work little by little without over effort. Even though the arms appear to be doing most of the work, first engage and move from the core. This will

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    Moon Yantra: Cultivating Self-Love

      Yantra design is for anyone. From practitioners looking to deepen their yoga and meditation practices to artists seeking to incorporate authentic spirituality into their work. No artistic experience required. This Yantra, representing the Moon, carries a feminine energy that is soothing to the mind and body, and nourishing to the spirit. Creating and meditating upon

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      Mars Yantra: Igniting Passion

        Yantras are images made of specific geometric shapes and color combinations. Each unique design is like a container for energies and aspects of the universe. This yantra representing the planet Mars embodies passion. Creating and meditating upon this yantra will enhance self-confidence, independence, decision making, and reaching your goals. To learn more about yantra creation

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        At Heart, are all Religions the Same?

          People in practically every culture on the planet turn to religion and other schools of thought to understand the unanswerable questions of life. At best, religion is enlightening and reassuring, but at its worst it causes fear and separation between those who believe we are different from one another. I see all religions like vehicles.

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          How to Love Yourself Again Through Yoga

            As I lay in Savasana the other day, a Pema Chodron teaching I heard over three years ago flitted into my mind and I was reminded of the most important skill yoga has taught me: How to love myself. Pema recalled a meeting between the Dalai Lama and some western teachers. One woman spoke up

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            About Phoebe Andrews

            For the past 15 years, Phoebe Andrews has been practicing yoga and for the past 5 years she has been sharing her teachings in both yoga and Yantra Design throughout the world. Phoebe is amongst a selected group of practitioners who received training in this tradition from the lineage of Hari Johari in Haridwar, India.